Tips for Choosing a Precious Metal Investment Dealer

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If you want to invest in the precious physical metals for the first time, note that you need to consider many things. Even if this process can be overwhelming and intimidating, make sure that you have all required before you make your investment. One of the first things that you need to know is to differentiate between karat and carat. They are among the major things that you need to know when dealing with precious metals. If you are looking for a trusted precious metal investment dealer, here are the factors you need to consider.

Identify the Metals that You Need

When choosing a trustworthy precious metals investment dealer, one of the factors that you should consider is identifying the type of metal you need. Note that some of the investors or dealers invest in specific types of metals. Most dealers choose to offer gold and silver. They are among the precious metals that are high in demand. Therefore, when you identify the kind of precious metals you need, it becomes easy to know the dealer you should choose.

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Check on their Price Range

Finding a straightforward dealer can be a daunting task. It is one of the processes that need trustworthy since you are dealing with products that costs a lot of money. On the same note, dealers must ensure that they are always transparent about their costs. When you plan to invest in these precious metals, take your time to find other extra or additional costs associated with these metals. In doing this, you will know the amount of money that you will spend.

Choose a Local Dealer

Most investors find it hard to choose between an online and a local dealer. It is one of the most challenging aspects that most investors go through, especially those who do not have a local dealer. But it is advisable to choose a local dealer because they offer reliable customer services. It has been discovered that most online dealers provide incredible deals to grab customer’s attention.

Consider Reading Customer Reviews


Reading customer reviews will be one of the important ways that will enable you to find a reliable and trustworthy dealer. If most investors are satisfied with a specific dealer, they will gladly share their gratitude on their various sites. Therefore, when you go through these reviews, they will help you understand the kind of services to expect from a dealer you intend to choose.…

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Understanding Short Term and Long Term Trading of Cryptocurrency


Understanding different things in cryptocurrency trading will grant you an easy time. When people exchange cryptocurrency, they use cryptocurrency trading platforms. In this case, buyers and sellers can contact each other. For example, you have Bitcoin that you want to exchange for Ether.

The exchangervirtual currency trading will help you find an Ether seller for the transaction. There are so many exchange platforms you can use out there.

Short Term Trading

bitcoin tradingShort term trading in cryptocurrencies is the process of buying and holding cryptocurrencies for only a short period. This interval can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months!

You buy a certain cryptocurrency because you expect a short-term rise in its price. And when this happens, you sell it because you know that the rate of this cryptocurrency may soon fall again!

The main advantage is that changes in the cryptocurrency market occur frequently and with a fairly large amplitude. Unlike the fiat currency market, where prices rarely change by more than 1% per day, the rate of cryptocurrencies can change twice in just one night!

Long Term Trading

On the other hand, long-term trading is all about buying and holding cryptocurrencies for an extended period. Typically, this strategy involves holding the crypto for a period of about a year or more. The idea is that, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, the rate should rise significantly in the long term.

cryptocurrency exchangeA perfect example is the investors who purchased Bitcoin cryptocurrency at around 2011 when it was valued at 0.35 USD. If only they held their virtual currencies till 2017, they would have made profit by selling each of them for about USD 20,000 each. That is like 57,000 times of your actual investment.

Long-term cryptocurrency trading has several advantages. Unlike short-term trading, where you need to check the cryptocurrency rate constantly. You can do it in your spare time. It’s easy; after buying cryptocurrency, you just need to be patient and wait. Another advantage of long-term trading is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money. You can buy a small amount of coins and wait for the exchange rate to change in the long term. Understanding these two trading methods will grant you a smooth time in the crypto market.…

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How to Reduce Security Risks When Buying Bitcoins

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While it may seem that Bitcoins are almost unworkable to be the subject of security risks, some flaws have made it possible for the most highly technical hackers to succeed in some cases. Like fiat currencies, owners of bitcoins should never let their guards down when securing their hard-earned money, whether cryptocurrency or traditional currency. Hackers have also become very sophisticated that they can undermine theft of your bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoins with PayPal is becoming a common method of acquiring this most versatile cryptocurrency. But when doing so, it helps to follow a strict guide to buy with PayPal in France. This will help you secure the Bitcoins that will be in your possession. You should be aware that every transaction you will have may increase your chances of being victimized by cybercriminals. Here’s how you can reduce security risks when buying Bitcoins.

Store Your Private Key Offline

The most astute Bitcoin holders never store their private keys online. Doing so will expose it to cyber theft. Keeping your private key offline can be safer. When you are buying more Bitcoins or doing other transactions, you uncover details that may also expose your private key. But even then, your private keys should not be kept in a visible online location.

Be Updated With Currency Exchanges

It pays to be updated with the Bitcoin exchange rate so that you will not be short-changed during a transaction. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate unexpectedly. Its value can increase by 50% or decrease by as much, which can never happen in traditional currencies. It also helps if you know how to determine platforms that are out to fraud you with those out-of-this-world promises.

Deal With the Most Secure Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoins are stored in wallets in a cloud storage location. Choosing the most reliable provider will help you decrease the chance of being hacked. Cyber hacking of public wallets is possible because of some imperfections on wallet services. To prevent this, you should do research involving wallet services and know their history. For sure, you do not want to deal with a wallet service provider, which has been hacked a couple of times. You should also read customer reviews.

Avoid Underground Marketplaces

Patronizing the ‘dark web’ is not an ideal marketplace to be. It may expose you to more harm than good. While it may be legal in some places, you may get the ire of others. Your security risks may be doubled. Once you are with an illegal platform, recovering your investment may be impossible to recover after a successful heist.…

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How to Market Your Small Business

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Small businesses tend to be limited by lack of funds. Whenever you are starting a business, a massive chunk of money goes to inventory and setting up costs. Customers too can also push it to the financial brink especially if you are selling on credit. As a small business grapples with the constraints that come with inadequate capital, it is imperative to devise cost-effective ways of marketing your business.

Have a Website

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While you might not have enough amounts to do a proper online marketing campaign, start by having a website. A website can be a decent platform to show the services you provide and anything you need to communicate with your customers. You can improve traffic to your site by sharing your websites link on social media and online forums.

Word of Mouth

Another marketing tool is word of mouth. As much as you might blub all day about your business, people tend to listen more to what customers say. So you should encourage your customers to share the good news with others. It has been proven that a positive review from a previous client makes it easy for people to trust your business. This does not mean that you should not market your business. Make an effort to tell anyone you meet something about your brand.

Social Media Advertisement

The unprecedented growth of social media has opened up new doors as far as marketing is concerned. The good thing about social media advertisements is that they are relatively inexpensive. Advertising on social media only requires you to learn how to place an ad. Irrespective of the platform you are using, you can always expand your reach by working with a social media influencer.

Trade Forums

If you are one of those business forums, the chances are that you might have met some people running a business that is related to yours. Most forums such as allow entrepreneurs to network and learn from each other. If by any chance you meet someone who runs a supplementary business, he or she might help you market your products to potential clients. This often works on the principle of scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours. Ideally, creating networks is a good way of generating meeting

You can market your business in many ways. How you go about it depends on your budget, product, and your target market. Marketing is all about spreading the work, and the approach to use is your call to make.…

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Why Outsource Bookkeeping Services?

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Bookkeeping is vital in running any business. As such, most business owners understand the value of having accurate and up-to-date financial records. When it comes to matters bookkeeping, the most important thing is to know how to keep these records.

Most people going to business do that with their eyes set on core business operations and not bookkeeping. As a result, most of them are inclined to outsource bookkeeping functions as they focus on other core business functions. That said, here are some good reasons to hire a bookkeeper.



Some things in business are meant to be kept private. Business secrets and of course the financial records. As such, most business owners invest a considerable amount of time and resources finding someone they can trust. This is not always as easy as looking for someone with the best credentials. Instead of having a member of your community running handling this sensitive information, you might consider hiring a virtual bookkeeping company with solid client references.


Every business starts with small financial needs, which a business owner with basic financial skills might handle. Some grow and soon require a full suite of bookkeeping services. Business growth means growing the financial department accordingly. Outsourcing bookkeeping services is one way is a good way of scaling your financial needs without expanding your finance department.


Most business owners simply do not have the time to train or retrain an in-house bookkeeping staff. Having a professional bookkeeper with up-date information on modern accounting practices gives all the difference in the quality of bookkeeping services. Outsourcing accounting functions essentially means working with a team that knows what they are doing thus eliminating the need to spend resources of training employees.

Maximize Resources

outsourcing accountingAnother reason to outsource bookkeeping services is to maximize resources. Outsourcing accounting functions let you spend your time on what matters most. Outsourcing is a proven way of expending your energy and labor resource only on things that help you remain competitive. Besides this, having an in-house finance department can be costly for most business especially those that are just starting out.

Whether your business needs up-to-date figures to present to a financier or to share financial information with IRS, keeping your books updated is essential. The best way to go about this is to outsource bookkeeping to professional services. This way, you will be in better position to monitor your current position, and you can never be at loggerheads with state authorities.…

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Hiring the best Accounting Services for your Business

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If you are dreaming of running a successful business, then you need to have professional accounting services. Remember that every dollar matters for the success of your business. This is something that can be taken care of by professionals. But the question is, how do you ensure that you get the right professional accountant service providers? Well, that is not a hard question to answer. All that you need is to do a bit research with the help of the internet, and you will be ready.

Factors to consider

The cost

calculator and penThe cost of the accountant is an important consideration that you need to make when you need quality accounting services. One of the major objectives of any business is to reduce business expenses. This, therefore, implies that you need to find an accounting firms Milton that will not ask you to pay them more than necessary for the same services. You should, however, remember that you get what you pay for.


Only Qualified accountants are capable of providing you with the quality services that you deserve. So it is upon you to do your research and ensure the company that you are considering to hire has qualified staff. Here, you need to make sure that the undergraduate degree as the minimum requirement for the accountant that you are considering to hire. In addition to that, it is good to make use of accountants who are attached to specific professional bodies.

Industry expertise

Apart from certifications, you also need to makes sure that you are familiar with the type of expertise offered by the company. A good accounting service provider company is the one that has mastered the industry by having offered different types of services to customers. It is also important that you choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time as it assures you of giving you the quality services that you seek. After all, the experience is the best teacher.

Size and complexity

calculator pen and paperWhen choosing accounting services for your business, you need to consider the size of the firm that you intend to hire. Big accounting services providers use their influence to ensure that they give you the quality services that you need. Also, remember that the complexity of your business will determine the kind of accountants that you will need to hire. For instances, if your business structure is complex, then you will need an accountant who is well experienced.…

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How to apply for a guarantor loan

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Lenders are so much interested in one’s credit score when applying for a loan. So does it mean that if you have a poor credit score, you cannot get a loan? Chances of not getting one are high, but you can try your luck in what is called a guarantor loan. Below are tips on how to get a guarantor loan.

Applying for a guarantor loan

Find a guarantor

writing approvedA guarantor acts as extra security for the bank since your credit score is poor, the bank will trust you again because of the guarantor you have. In this case, you must make sure that the person you use has a high credit score. If the primary borrower who is you fails to pay the agreed amount, the bank will look out for the used guarantor for payments.

Make payments on time

As said earlier, a guarantor does not give you a hundred percent assurance that you will get the loan. The bank will check your credit ratings to see if you can make the payments within the agreed time. For the bank to give you the loan, the amount you are borrowing must fall within 1/10th of your monthly income or salary.

Be aware of the risks

A guarantor can be anyone from your workmates to friends or a family member. What you are asked for is to let them know the risks involved with them acting as your guarantor.

Apply directly

Did you know there are loan brokers? If you apply through them, you will have to pay them for the service. To reduce extra charges, take yourself to the lender and apply for the loan directly from them.

Choose the lender carefully

It goes without saying that you must be careful who you choose as your lender. Ask for quotes from several lenders for comparison. With the quotes, you will be able to choose the best lender. A good lender must have pocket-friendly interest rates and a reasonable pay back period.

Understand the consequences

man picking flower coin graphicWhat happens if you do not pay the loan? Your credit score will be affected. You might not be the one to pay the whole amount because the guarantor will, but you will harm your credit score more. It will be harder for you to get another loan in future because the bank will not trust you again and you will not get a good guarantor.





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Baja Arizona – Welcome

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Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture, (Baja AZ), is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to increase local sustainable food production and marketing in southern Arizona. Sustainable agriculture is good for the earth, good for people and good for communities.

Radishes Buy locally grown! It’s thousands of miles fresher. Buying from local farms and ranches retains people with food-raising expertise on agricultural land. This also ensures that future generations will enjoy seeing open fields and grazing lands with lots of wildlife.

Eating foods raised without chemical additives, long distance transportation and long term storage is healthier for people and the environment. Eating more foods produced near your home offers an adventure in flavor and connects you to the landscape.


Row cover About our name: We chose to use a Spanish word “baja” which means lower as this part of the state, south of the Gila River, or “Baja Arizona” is a historic area that has many ties to northern Mexico. Our vision is a region on both sides of the border that can once again feed itself.

There’s plenty of sunshine in southern Arizona so many crops can be raised through the winter and in spring and fall, even at higher elevations, with row cover, cold frames and greenhouses.

Sustainable agriculture is resource saving. Baja AZ promotes improving the soil with organic methods and raising animals naturally on the land. Water is precious in arid lands. To be sustainable in the desert, food must be raised in a water-frugal way using rain water harvesting, drip irrigation and mulches. Baja AZ encourages a return to eating desert heritage foods and drought tolerant varieties developed by the peoples that lived in this region before us.


vegetable leaf


On a 100 mile diet and need help finding local food? Go to the Find Local Food Page to find local farmers and ranchers, farmers markets, CSAs, stores and restaurants that sell locally produced food.

Cholla bud hors d’oeuvres Find out how to harvest desert foods by taking a workshop with ethnobotanist Martha Burgess. See dates on the Calendar for scheduled cholla bud, mesquite, prickly pear and acorn workshops in Tucson and Sierra Vista.

Schedule a presentation for your school or organization on “The Joys of Coming Home to Eat” with a virtual tour of local farms and ranches or “Pasture Perfect: Raising Animals on Grass (the way they were meant to be raised)” and “Sustainable Ranching or Anticipating the Moisture” presentations by Baja AZ’s professional grass-fed ranchers.

Solar panels & cattle



Deep in the heart of Cochise County at 5,500 feet in the Mule Mountains, cattle on the historic 47 Ranch can now get a drink round the clock at Abbot Canyon. During the day solar panels provide power to pump water from the well. The windmill takes over at night when the breezes pick up. Rancher owner Dennis Moroney has worked with Arizona Game and Fish to distribute water throughout the ranch through the use of solar powered pumps. Formerly water was only available where the cows were, no place else, and pumped by moving a generator around.

Wildlife has also benefited with a greatly increased population of white tail deer for hunting. The ranch has a safe harbor cooperative agreement to ensure the survival of the Chiricahua Leopard frog which only survives in ranch stock tanks. Care is taken to stagger stock pond clean up and to relocate frogs that are dislodged.

250 artificial owl burrows will be constructed on the 47 Ranch which is a recipient site for the relocation of burrowing owls from areas near cities where expanding development has taken their habitat.

Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture, (520) 378-2973
5279 S. Calle Metate, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650

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Community . Support Us . Growing Minds…

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